A Sneak Peek into StateBankofMe


I was looking at my bank statement the other day. DRs outnumbered CRs by an overwhelming margin and that isn’t very good to buoy up your spirits. Like always, I took a pledge, “I’ll keep a check of my expenses religiously from now on” How? Maybe pen and paper or maybe some applications; I’ve used both before but haven’t been able to stick to them.As fate would have it, the very next day, I come across StateBankofMe. Not yet released, this tool developed by the folks at Peopledock allows you to keep track of all your expenses. I got a chance to have a go before the official launch which is scheduled for early next week and it looks interesting. Simple and clean interface; I was able to figure my way around in less than two minutes.

While its focus on ease of use might get a lot of users latched, tech folks might want to know that StateBankofMeuses Dynamo DB (a NoSQL database). “NoSQL” as Wikipedia would explain, “Is a database systems rose alongside major internet companies, such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook, which had significantly different challenges in dealing with huge quantities of data that the traditional RDBMS solutions could not cope with.”

Why use NoSQL?

“We were exploring various NoSQL options to complement our MySQL databases for PeopleDock. We didn't want to risk doing these trials on the existing Peopledock production systems. At the same time we wanted to do a small 'personal-productivity-module' within Peopledock - a dead simple money manager that employees could use to track their income and expenses.” says Venkat, the founder at Peopledock.

StateBankofMe is certainly not the only tool providing these features. Other tools like Track Every Coin and Expenses already exist but it’s the consumer who finally decides and there is no clear winner here. A lot depends on how one will get users to adapt to their tools. StateBankofMe has the added advantage here as the tool will also be integrated within their larger product, i.e., Peopledock. StateBankofMe will also be available as a stand-alone product.

You can have signup here and have a look at Peopledock as well.


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