Utility Apps for Microsoft WP7


Microsoft has been aggressively pushing the developers with campaigns and initiatives to develop apps on the Windows platform as a result of which the Windows Phone Marketplace topped 70,000 apps in March. We at Yourstory recently concluded a program in association with Microsoft and this program saw many developers foray into app development. I got in touch with one such Android to Microsoft migrator, Prashanthi Sankaran who has also delved into development. She lists out some of the best utility apps on the Windows Marketplace that might make your transition easier.

1. Connectivity Shortcuts

One thing Microsoft seems to have overlooked is the dashboard with the most commonly used tools like Wifi, Mobile Network, Bluetooth, etc for easy access. One would find it cumbersome to go to ‘S’ -> ‘SE’ -> Settings -> ‘Bluetooth’. Connectivity Shortcuts is a utility tool that just places shortcuts on your main screen, helping you navigate between the connectivity features. You could add a Wifi tile to your home screen, or a combination of these tiles; very useful for someone who often switches between Data Connection and Wifi.2. PC File Download

What is the use of Microsoft Office on your phone when you can only open the files you download? Does that mean you have to mail yourself each file, download it and view? Doesn’t make an ounce of sense to me. PC File Download helps you transfer files from your PC to your phone for viewing and editing. To cut a long story short, it is like transferring your files into your memory card; a feature that was a big miss on WP7. 

3. Voice Recorder


The Sound Recorder for WP7; Voice Recorder is not too complicated. You just need to record sounds as .wav files and upload to SkyDrive. The only drawback is that these recordings are not visible along with your other ‘Music’.


4. Flashlight-X

This is one feature that can be attributed to the Chinese phones; ‘The loud and powerful’ philosophy. A powerful torchlight is a very useful utility in many a cases. Flashlight-X gives you this; worth being pinned to your home screen. It makes use of the flash on your phone as a torch with one touch.5. Google Browser and gMaps

For all those who aren’t Microsoft fans and thus do not want to use the already existing Bing search button staring at you, take the Google Browser. It searches and predicts just the way www.google.com would. And I would recommend gMaps over Nokia maps from experience. 

So, are you planning to get into app development? This post might help.


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