EduStar of the Month – GlobalTHEN (Global Travel & Hospitality Education Network)!


After a tough competition in the first month of our program, we had some amazing education startups apply for the second month and it was a very close call between the top five companies. We’re happy to share that Mumbai based startup, GlobalTHEN (Global Travel & Hospitality Education Network), has been chosen as the EduStar of the month.

The top five promising education startups were chosen for a one-on-one discussion with Anand Daniel from Accel Partners. And after a thorough discussion with each one of them, GlobalTHEN has been chose as the EduStar of this month.

Here’s a brief account of the top five education startups chosen for this month:

GlobalTHEN(Global Travel & Hospitality Education Network)

Mumbai based GlobalTHEN's mission is to provide best-in-breed, scalable, effective and inexpensive learning experiences for workforce in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry. GlobalTHEN focuses exclusively on the travel and hospitality industry and builds intellectual property by harnessing the power of technology and interactive multimedia. The company is founded by Ram Badrinathan, one of the leading thinkers and researchers in the online travel space in Asia Pacific. Mr. Badrinathan has partnered with education visionary Sourabh J. Sarkar, to deploy his unique approach, OmniDEL through GlobalTHEN. Learning and teaching processes often fail because the teacher is unable to engage holistically with the students. Conventional training programs target only the mind, which leads to only partial learning. But humans have many facets, Body, mind, pranah (the energetic self) and the spiritual self. The OmniDEL approach blends entertainment and education, and engages with every aspect of the learner. It inculcates a spirit of participation and of practice, thereby maximizing learning. Read More about them here

SHArP Edge Learning Pvt. Ltd.

  • SHArP Edge's flagship product SHArP Class is a technology platform for engineering students which seamlessly integrates the traditional chalk & talk method with smart classrooms based on cognitive learning. It enables Professors to use digital resources such as educational animations, simulations, case studies, assessments and diagrams to make classroom more interactive creating multi-sensory learning for students and help improve their academic performance. This encompasses:Digital classroom content as per University prescribed syllabus with 2D/ 3D content, Simulations, Videos, Case-studies, Animations and Diagrams
  • Practical examples and case studies of theory in practice in industry
  • Question Bank, Exam pattern Analysis and Problem Solving Techniques

SHArP Edge was awarded the eIndia Champion Innovator’s Award by GOI Ministry of IT in 2011. Read more about them here

Harness Handitouch Pvt. Ltd.

HarnessTouch team are developing a tablet and cloud based platform called Touch-on-Cloud to bring blended collaborative learning to all avatars of the classroom. In a Harness classroom, every student carries a tablet. The teacher, using her tablet or an interactive whiteboard uses a patented HTML5 app to create a blended learning environment, combining white-boarding, digital textbooks and multimedia content from the web. They are also building collaboration features like broadcasting, independent annotation layers for student, invoking of student canvas by teacher, combined-study offline, deployment of quizzes in the class, etc., And finally, the user-generated blended learning content is saved on the cloud (Azure based), for students to retrieve them anywhere-anytime. Read more about them hereredbytes software

redbytes software, a mobile apps development startup based in Pune, India developing educational games and activities for kids on Mobile platforms. Their mission is to make Education Fun and they closely work with few local and international Publishers, Toy companies and Schools to enable smarter learning for children. Currently, they are developing a series of apps aimed at toddlers which work both on Android and iOS platforms. Check out their apps and read more about them hereSimplyLearnt

SimplyLearnt is making study material for test preparation more engaging by making each and every piece of information rich and fun. Bringing in a new way to approach exam practices, analytics and benchmarking thereafter and to track how other friends are doing on their preparation track keeps students addicted. SimplyLearnt's practice lounge is their flagship way for practicing questions. Prep Buddy, the mascot, is a popular figure who acts as a friendly guide to all students. Other innovative ways adopted to motivate students and make study material more interesting are Rajnikanth Formula, Fortune Samosa, Flash Cards application and the most sought after "Create Your Study Plan" Facebook application. Read more about them hereStay tuned for a detailed interview of each of them to know more about the founders, their startup journeys till now and the path they envision ahead.

- Chandan Raj


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