Emerging Startups at SmashUp

TiE Mumbai is hosting an Unconference on April 27-28 as a run up to which they’ve had some interesting activities like The Smashers Award. Many startups have come up to the fore and presented their pitches, a few of whom have been on the scene from a while. Here are some of the interesting ones and what their founders had to say.

Kashyap Juthani of Bucketbolt.com: We understand the amount of hard work a student has to put in whenever he/she has to buy textbooks. We are here to alleviate the students of this headache. Bucketbolt not only strive to deliver you the required textbooks right at your doorstep but also offer you discounts.

Poornima Weerasekara of Knowledge unplugged: Hi everyone, my Co-founder Nadeera and I are pitching Knowledge unplugged - a social enterprise that smashes expensive pay walls that hide great research. We are the iTunes for research articles. Check out this video to learn more.

Masoom Tulsiani of Trindr.com-Trindr.com, Airportsmeet Social Networking - an exciting app that connects travelers in real time at the airport. We make it easier for people to connect & find Interesting travelers.

Talvinder Singh of Tushky.com– Tushky is a peer to peer online marketplace for local experiences in terms of getaways or things to do. Tushky tries to do is to put in a local flavor to your trip, so that you can explore a new place better.

Vijay Khubchandani of Moneyleo.com: MoneyLeo.com aims at relieving the strenuous & painful efforts of Consumers for securing a LOAN in India. Consumers can fill-up a small online form and Compare Loan Deals from various private banks. Consumers can filter & shortlist to Apply with only the Top 3-5 banks that best fit their criteria & requirement, thereby saving them lots of Time, Energy & Money in terms of Application fees.

Mahesh Chimankar of Infozshop : Infozshop.com is a B2B, B2C, C2B and C2C marketplace with ecommerce, classifieds, and social networking features for small & medium businesses. It is a marketplace of Infoz Software Solution(http://theinfoz.com). It helps millions of buyers and sellers around the world to trade with each other on a reliable and common platform. Infozshop.com facilitates trade for millions of registered users across the globe.

Here’s a list of the speakers that will be giving insights at the unconference:

Alok Bajpai- Co-Founder, iXiGo.com

An IITian and INSEAD alum born in Allahabad worked his way through Indian and international jobs before starting up the meta-search engine.

Beerud Seth - Founder of Elance and Co-founder of SMSGupShup

First, he created an industry of freelancers while in silicon valley, and then moved to India to create an entire Industry around SMS!

Bhavish Agarwal - Co-Founder, Ola Cabs

A soft spoken unassuming IIT alumnus, who is set out to organize the car rental and taxi industry, has been revving up the one year old startup without owning a fleet on their own.

Champ Alreja - Founder, Hitplay.in

An entrepreneur who revamped a family-run offline retail business into one of India's swankiest gadget and gizmo web store. Learn from him about the importance of a mentor in the entrepreneurial journey.

Kartik Jain - Co-Founder, Infibeam.com

Learn from this entrepreneur about merging a venture, getting acquired and being a part of an enterprise that has been bootstrapping in one of the most competitive segments.

Kunal Shah - Founder & CEO, Freecharge.in

Mobile recharge was never more fun. Despite formidable incumbency, this entrepreneur went on to win with a differentiated strategy!

Manoj Gupta - Co-Founder & CEO, Craftsvilla.com

Many entrepreneurs become VCs; here is a VC who became an entrepreneur.

Sahil Parekh - Founder & CEO, Deskaway.com

Possibly the first globally popular SaaS product out of India. Find out how he decided to bootstrap and continued to do so.

Shashank N D - Co-Founder, Practo

Everyone thought doctors don't need any systems, they can survive simply with a stethoscope and a receptionist. This man decided to create a full-service platform - just for them!

Vikram Vora - Founder, My Dentist

Continuing on doctors, it would be insightful to learn how this entrepreneur managed an all encompassing fantastic team.


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