eWaste : An Opportunity For the Taking


We've been taught to "make the best out of waste" from our childhood and this axiom applies more now than at any other time. The amount of eWaste that is being produced is mind boggling. There are startups entering into this field and trying to make a difference but the numbers depicting the rate of production of eWaste are disturbing. Companies like Attero, Recycle Trade India and Ecocentric in India have started activities on this front and should do well because the size of the opportunity here would possibly outstrip any other barrier.

The following infographic is about the eWaste generated in the developed nations but a major chunk (junk) of this is shipped (sold) across to developing/under-developed countries. This is a grave situation from the looks of it but looking at the silver lining, it is a global opportunity to make the best out of.

Bigger initiatives like the Consumer Electronics Association in the US which has have vowed to recycle one billion pounds annually by 2016 are also prevalent but it is almost impossible for the recycling industry to compete with the rate of growth of technology and the declining life-spans of devices.

A recent TOI report mentioned that India's eWaste output shot up by 8 times in the last 7 months!

Taking all these factors into consideration, which are the areas in which smaller players can contribute innovatively? It'd be great to discuss some of the possible solutions or innovative solutions that are already being implemented but can be replicated.