Google+ Gets a Makeover : Adds Popular Facebook and TwitterFeatures


If you are among the 170 million people who have signed up for Google+ globally and are active on the social network on a regular basis, you will have noticed the new design of Google+. Launched on April 11th the new design is 'simpler and more beautiful' according to Vic Gundotra, Senior Vice President of Social Business at Google.

The new design incorporates popular features from Facebook and Twitter while improving some of the unique features of Google+ like Hangouts. Probably the most striking similarity you will notice between the new Google+ design and Facebook is the option to add a cover photo to your profile. On the right side of your profile you can now display a larger profile picture. "Yummy! nice new layout " said Mahesh Murthy, Founder and CEO of Pinstorm on the new Google+ design.

Instead of static icons on the top, the navigation is shifted to the left in the form of a dynamic vertical strip of applications which can dragged up and down and customized. If you hover over some apps,a set of quick actions will be revealed, for example on the photos app you get options to add photos from your phone or Google+ albums.

"Twitter and Facebook went on a date, got drunk and forgot to take the protection. This is the story how new G+ was born" said Syed Armani, a Google+ user in an update. On the right side of the feed page you can see 'Trending on Google+' list similar to trending topics on Twitter. The dedicated 'Explore' page adds to this function by showing what's interesting and trending on Google+. Similar to Facebook, the new chat list on the right side of the page allows you to chat with people in your circles. The feed page feels like Facebook with updates and +1s from people in your circles displayed with an option to comment, +1 and share the post.

Have you checked out the new design? What do you think of the new look and feel? Do let us know by commenting below.