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Leading Indian app developers turn to InMobi to monetize their global user baseBangalore based InMobi, India’s No 1 mobile ad network is attracting leading India-based app developers looking to maximize ad revenue from their apps and games.

InMobi, with its global reach and in-depth understanding of local markets, has been instrumental in providing these apps with maximum advertiser exposure across the world, resulting in superior relevance in terms of regional ads and advertisement dollars.

To illustrate, Parking Frenzy (developer: Games2Win) was looking to monetize its global traffic; World Newspapers (WNP, developer: Bazimo GmbH) needed relevant ads specifically in the SE Asia region where it faced low monetization and Iris (developer: Dexetra) needed to keep its user experience clean and the app free of cost, while monetizing its primarily US-based user base. In using a combination of ad networks, each of them saw InMobi as a clear differentiator exceeding their expectations.

For Parking Frenzy, InMobi was able to deliver 69% higher eCPM than the next best ad network in addition to helping raise ad revenues by 18%. InMobi’s coverage in over 50 countries helped solve WNP’s low monetization issues in SE Asia. With 50% better CTR than the next best ad network; it was clear that delivering campaign ads with high local relevance is InMobi’s forte. For Iris, InMobi is the source of 92% of its total mobile ad revenue. Working with InMobi has led to a 250% increase in the app’s daily earnings. More importantly InMobi has managed to strike the balance between delivering relevant ads while staying true to the non-intrusive user-experience mandate that Iris demanded.

Needless to say, founders of these companies, also developers of these apps, are effusive in their praise! “We are working for the first time with InMobi on the Parking Frenzy app and I must say that I am happy with the performance of InMobi, as compared to the other ad networks. InMobi has managed to deliver good geographical coverage and high eCPMs - this is a validation of InMobi’s reputation in the market. We have new titles coming up exclusively for mobiles and we plan to continue working with InMobi to monetize these titles. Also, with Appucino, our social platform for games, we see more opportunities for partnership as we can help brands target the social graphs and behavior of players, said Alok Kejriwal, Co-Founder& CEO, Games2win.

Abhishek Kumar, founder of Bazimo GMBH has had a similar experience. “The one thing that has really impressed me about InMobi is the amount of locally relevant campaigns that it delivers to my apps. Whenever I am traveling I make it a point to check my apps constantly, and be it Germany or Korea, I will find an ad for a local service or product in the local language. I have not seen this kind of local relevance and coverage from any of the other networks that I work with.

This is important as my app has a huge global audience and I need a partner who can help me monetize my non-English speaking markets. Also, I love technology and I am simply amazed to see this kind of performance from a homegrown product!” he said

“Iris users love the clean user interface and ad free environment of the app. It was important that the ad network that we worked with not only provided us with relevant and contextual ads, but also understood our non-intrusive user experience philosophy. The InMobi team introduced us to ad monetization and also helped us experiment with some really innovative and wacky ideas to deliver custom tailored ads. InMobi has managed to deliver outstanding results and going forward, we will continue working with the InMobi team, who are some of the most friendly and accessible set of people we have ever met. Simply brilliant, the complete InMobi experience!” – Narayan Babu, Co-Founder& CEO, Dexetra.

Mobile Apps from India come of age

That these apps originating from India have captured global fancy is no surprise given that universal appeal has been engineered into them. Parking Frenzy, engages users through features like realistic driving physics, car damage modeling and 16 levels of parking action and is among the top 30 leaders in the ‘Racing Games’ category. World Newspapers gives users easy access to thousands of newspapers in over 100 countries. Iris can talk to users on a variety of topics including simple conversations, help users search for local Points-Of-Interest (POIs) such as the nearest restaurants, ATM etc. and is capable of voice actions like tweeting, calling, texting, contact lookup and Internet search. With over 68% downloads in the US, Iris is one of the most talked about products to come out of India. These success stories are available as case studies on InMobi’s website.

App Spotlight

Three different companies, three different apps, Indian app developers and global consumers, InMobi is truly “flattening” the world when it comes to mobile ads.


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