Oye! Bubbly, Voice Blogging Platform Launched for Android Phones!

Oye! Bubbly, Voice Blogging Platform Launched for Android Phones!

Thursday April 12, 2012,

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Earlier this month, Bubble Motion received $10 million worth of funds for it's 'voice twitter' service in India, Japan and Indonesia. After launching on iOS, Bubble Motion have launched an app for Android phone users as well.Bubble Motion’s Bubbly is a ‘plug and play’ voice platform that takes social networking to mobile phones by allowing users to post tweet-like feeds and updates to their followers in their own voice. With this platform, users can connect with friends and family and also follow their favourite celebrities, political leaders, sport stars and others just like any other social networks.

In India, Bharti Airtel, Vodafone and Reliance have partnered with Bubbly as operator partners. While revenue per subscriber (ARPU) is being waved off due to fierce competition between mobile operators , Bubbly was designed to aid operators as another innovative value added services (VAS) to earn from. With a market in South East Asia and 16 million users, the company is doing justice to the total of $45 million funding it has received till date.

Introducing this app in India could mean a lot to the Indian market or not? How successful will this service be in India? If the company decides to cash-in on the large mobile user base in rural India then Bubbly could be the real answer to taking social media to the rural illiterates in the country. Of course, it leaves one wondering about the government regulations/censorship that might come into play over time if this service becomes a big hit after all. But that’s not all. If Bubbly is welcomed with the same fervor as Facebook or Twitter then it would be an interesting progress to see how the mobile operators and Bubble Motion decide to monetize this service with advertising. Will they also offer voice ad services similar to ‘promoted tweets’ or will they come up with a new model of advertising or will it just be like any other radio ad? Rural marketing can be a gold mine for these guys. More importantly, all this happens if Bubble Motion actually decides to think in that direction. It’s time to just wait and watch.

For Android app download, click here and for iOs App download, click here.

- Brinda Lakshmi

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