Pingaala Announces the Launch of Vyasa V1.5


Vyasa is Pingaala's flagship product targeted towards Publishers of News and Media, Professional Bloggers who want to reach a rapidly expanding customer base in the Mobile and Connected Devices segment."We are focused on providing an easy and reliable way for Publishers to reach their target audience" says Founder and CEO Suresh Krishnamurthy, "while at the same time offering all the top features that every News and Publisher needs. We know that our customers don't want to spend their time evaluating development practices and then wondering what they are going to end up with. At Pingaala, we guarantee that our customers will be satisfied when their App for various platforms (Android, iOS) is ready. We know how hard it can be to get quality Native Mobile Apps, we are here to change that."

Pingaala launched Vyasa 1.0 in December 2011 and have now released an update with a host of new features:

  • Enhanced Reading Experience for Users
  • Improved Performance throughout the Apps
  • Increased Social Engagement
  • Push Notifications, Monetization Capabilities for Publishers

Analytics has also seen an added boost with Publishers now seeing deeper insights into how their readers engage with their content. Vyasa 1.5 now supports Third Party ad-network integration to help Publishers monetize their content as well.

In the next month, Pingaala plans to roll out Vyasa 2.0. And in case this interested you, you might want to read a detailed interview with Pingaala. Pingaala also developed the iOS app for Yourstory which can be checked out here.