Series of 20 Articles on Management and the Concept of ‘Dissolving the Box’ by Santosh Sharma


“Next What’s In”, written by Santosh Sharma is a management self-help book that was published by Conscious Advisory Services’ Research Wing in 2010. The novel has been reviewed by The Hindu and Mint and has been well acclaimed. We at are proud to announce a series of 20 articles on Management and the concept of ‘Dissolving the Box’. Santosh talked at length about the concept in this interview about CAS.The topics that will be covered during the length of the series would have a startup twist to it and here’s the list:


1)      The tipping point for entrepreneurial plunge!

2)      Coping mechanisms for entrepreneurs.

3)      Why “Thinking out of the box” will not give them real success anymore!

4)      How entrepreneurs get into the mental traps that holds them back?

5)      How these mental traps are dangerous ?

6)      How stereotypes pour into all decisions, infecting them?

7)      How these mental boxes convert into organizational bottlenecks?

8)      What are the benefits of Dissolving the box?

9)      How to effectively Dissolve the box?

10)   How to have a lasting impact by Dissolving the box?

11)   How to have a Lean and fertile organizational culture?

12)   How David can take over Goliath?

13)   Thought Designing and decision making for entrepreneurs.

14)   Innovation by Dissolving the box!

15)   Growth by Dissolving the box!

16)   Motivation by Dissolving the box!

17)   Leadership by Dissolving the box!

18)   Life by Dissolving the box!

19)   Work – life balance

20)   Getting others to Start-up.

On behalf of our readers we thank Santosh for his efforts to come up with this article series.


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