SecPanel, a Morpheus Gang Company, Offers DIY Server SecurityProduct for SMBs


Secpanel is an anti-hacking tool for linux servers, an easy to use lay person's security tool - kind of a dummies' tool for security. “It is easier than installing wordpress” says founder at SecPanel, Rudhir Sharan.Rudhir has been a startup enthusiast and had an automatic site builder product company (1997-2003) before finding SecPanel. The site of the earlier venture got hacked and the servers were cleaned crystal clear by the hackers, leaving Rudhir with a massive loss. He lost 1700 customers in a day!

“I realized then that for small and medium businesses, security is a critical success factor but many cannot afford it.” says Rudhir. This is what led Rudhit to startup SecPanel. SecPanel offers Do-It-Yourself server security with full support. SecPanel also belongs to the The Morpheus Gang; TheMorpheus is a startup accelerator which invests in early stage startups.

Along with Anand Kumar Mishra, Rudhir has built a solid proposition with a circle of hackers and programmers. Being part of the Morpheus gang, SecPanel has had the access to resources which have added immense value to the product. “Cofounders of TheMorpheus, Sameer Guglani and Nandini Hirianniah are on our board of advisors and it has been an enriching experience”, says Rudhir.

SecPanel is an anti-hacking tool for linux and it is a common perception that hacking is alien to linux. “Nothing could be farther away from the truth” clarifies Rudhir. “Over the last few years, an exploding user base on linux is resulting in ever new vulnerabilities and thereby releasing exploits on linux. In terms of server protection, linux is an area in which there is a tremendous scope for value addition” he says.

Priced at $29.95 (~ INR 1527) per server per month, SecPanel has served many customers over the past two years. The positive reviews have helped the word spread and as it grows, SecPanel endeavors to protect the servers of many other small and medium sized businesses.

In the late nineties and early 2000, companies like Parallels and cPanel, shaped the hosting automation industry, thereby enabling non-technical business owners to own servers. This was a key influencing factor for the growth of internet. Rudhir sees something similar happening in the security automation arena. ”We think that security automation will have a similar role to play in the coming years for server owners in an exploding hosting and cloud infrastructure market bogged by increasing security concerns” says Rudhir.Having the first mover advantage in the space, SecPanel has the challenge to create and expand the market by educating customers. “Initially we had to go through a phase of cynicism and disbelief - Indian company doing a security product start-up and so on - but that has eased up now” adds Rudhir about the apprehensions as he looks ahead at a clear path.

Here's a snapshot of how the snapshot the dashboard looks:

More about SecPanel here. You just need to add the promo code ( to get a free 3 month trial. Also, learn more about TheMorpheus here.


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