Sportsnlife Brings a Wide Range of Sporting Equipment to the Net


The level of sport in India, either as a measure of general fitness and competitiveness, or dealing with consulting and coaching, would be rated as nothing more than average barring cricket. To compete at the highest levels in sport, the entire system in India might well have to undergo a drastic change right from the is an initiative that claims to focus on improving the experience at grass roots levels by bridging the gap between what customers require and what is available to them. Being mainly an eCommerce initiative, with more than 15000 products across 100 international brands, “ is the most comprehensive platform to choose products from the best brands at an affordable rate,” says Bipul Kumar, the CEO at Bipul is an MBA from Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad and started up straight after college.


Talking briefly about what led him into exploring the field of sport, Bipul says “Cricket and Tennis are two sports I have always been interested in. Owing to study commitments, taking up sports professionally had become an apprehensive move, which is the case with most people. Post graduation, I thought I’d connect back to sports. After two years of meeting people and doing extensive research, I found a huge gap in the sports ecosystem especially at the grass root level. It was a natural progression of my passion in pursuing sports as a business”, he adds. Today, the team at is composed of people from premier Indian B-Schools, sharing a common passion for sports.

Sports consulting in India looks like a field that can be improved upon leaps and bounds. Bipul shares the same view, when he says “People in India do not understand the importance of a right surface to play on, a right equipment to play with and a right coach to play under for the better. We always take the approach of working with our customers to understand their requirements, make them aware of the international benchmarks and help them take the right approach towards sports.” Tatsam Sports, which is also led by Bipul as the CEO, focuses primarily on the areas of sports consulting, infrastructure planning and is basically an end to end sports solution company.

Managing sports goods from over a hundred international brands can be quite a task. “Our excellent relationship with manufacturers and suppliers over the years made it easy for us to source our equipment and offer the most comprehensive range to our customers”, says Bipul. The growth trends indicate that a stronger supply chain would be required to cater customers in a better way, besides maintaining an inventory being prompt with deliveries.

Discussing the revenue model and marketing strategies of for Sportnlife, Bipul says “The revenue is through sale of products in sports, fitness and adventure categories. We offer discounts on premium international products listed on The option of Cash on delivery and free shipping is extended as a service to customers.” Marketing the firm is done online and customers are reached primarily through social media and referrals.

All in all, it appears that the world of sports ventures currently remains a relatively untapped one and certainly one that will hog a lot of attention in the times ahead.

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