TalentsIn, an Innovative Talent Portal Launches its Beta Version


With a vision to bring millions of great talents (students, professionals, entrepreneurs, employers etc) on one common platform, TalentsIn launched its beta version today. Founded by two MBA students, Zohdi Rizvi and Kaushal Sharma, TalentsIn aims to connect like-minded professionals and bargain great opportunities.



The Idea

The idea for this venture came when they prognosticated tremendous growth in the hiring/jobs sector in line with an equivalent technological revolution. “I believe majority of potential talents are still not in industry, just because they're yet to get a good seal of top-institutions; though they may be talented they fail to get the right attention. Pretty soon, hiring based only on CV will become obsolete. New ways of hiring are emerging and lots of rational methods are being adopted by many SMEs across globe. We believe social media is a game-changer and will level the playing field,” says Zohdi.


TalentsIn’s core USP is bringing ‘talents’ from the remotest corner of the world on one platform and let them bargain great opportunities (not only jobs) through their unique skills. They also claim to introduce an entirely new aspect in their product called profile polymorphism. Zohdi has this to say about this distinctive feature, “One profile having multiple facets i.e. you can configure as per your career level. Anyone (student/professional/entrepreneur) who is willing to make a successful professional career will be able to utilize our platform to their benefit.”

Revenue Model

Their revenue model is both B2C as well as B2B. Also, given the state of resources they possess, they aspire to achieve the 50K mark in the next 2-3 months. “We're not looking at generating revenues straight away. First, we want to make make a substantial validation from our MVP. Moreover, we'll try our best to not charge a single penny that may become an obstacle for anyone to attain professional prosperity,” says Zohdi.



Along with introducing the TalentsIn Student Ambassador program wherein engineering & management students come forward to represent their colleges, they are utilizing online marketing to its full potential. “Our marketing consists of 90% inbound marketing or permission-based online marketing, utilizing the marketing-mix available online. Apart from that we're trying our best to inculcate young and budding talents from various universities & colleges to participate in the industry for learning practical wisdom even before joining the Industry,” says Zohdi.

Challenges & Vision

“The vision for the platform is very wide and the product road-map is full of innovations and creativity. We're expecting a tough situation to penetrate the market with our limited resources, yet we're hopeful that our Innovative differentiation will pave the road for us,” concludes Zohdi.

TalentsIn is aiming to penetrate and capture a mature market, with the correct strategies in place; they certainly have a bright future ahead!

Give TalentsIn a shot here.


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