Travel XP collaborates with En Route Media to Offer in-taxi MediaContent


Travel XP is India's first HD travel channel with travel programming covering not just the Indian sub-continent but also Europe, South East Asia and the Middle East.Started four years back by Nisha and Prashant Chothani, Travel XP is a resultof their love for travel. And the fact that travel programs have not been tapped completely was further impetus to startup Travel XP. “Since we are passionate travellers, we thought this was the best category to get intoand was the smartest way to show the people the beauty of the world and from there started the journey of travelxp HD”, said Nisha Chothani, Chief Managing Director of Travel XP HD.

The team boasts of in-house talent ranging from directors, cinematographers, anchors, scriptwriters and editors. The videos which are shot in HD, covering most of Asia and Europe, are infact all produced in-house. There is a whole team that first identifies and researches the destination, then gets permission to shoot there from the concerned Tourism Ministry of that state or country. The Ideative team works out different genres of travel and carves out shows like Heritage, Xplore, Foodicted to name a few.It is a huge team who put in massive effort and get us great results“, adds Nisha.

The latest buzz related to travel XP HD is their new collaboration withEn Route Media, India’s leading digital in-taxi media provider. Travel XP HD boasts of the biggest HD library of travel content across the world, their content has opened a window for passengers to soak in the vast wonders of the planet. This content will be provided in short form video and showcased in En Route’s in-taxi screen network – Flo.

Flo is a tablet device embedded in radio cabs. It is an entertainment and advertising medium that brings together benefits to two major stakeholders. The first being passengers who can relax and enjoy their otherwise boring journeys and second, brands get a chance to engage with a niche audience through an interactive, audio-visual platform in the captive cab environment.

Speaking about the new association, Nisha Chothani said, "We partnered with En Route Media as we believe it's an extremely innovative and unique platform to reach out to our target audience even when they are on the run.

En Route’s Co-Founder Paul Schwarzadded, “We are always on the lookout for exciting content which can add value to our passengers’ journey. We are looking forward to this partnership with Travel XP HD.”

En Route Media’s Flo has already attracted brands like Volkswagen, McDonalds, Kotak Life and many more as advertisers. The company is currently partnered with India’s leading radio taxi service, EasyCabs, with more than 250 screens on the road. They are also in talks with other major radio taxi players in the country to expand their network of screens.

More about TravelXP here.


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