TV Ads for Online Businesses: What’s Your Favourite?

The consumer isn’t a moron; she is your wife.

- Ogilvy

These words still apply and very strongly. TV remains a great way to put your message across and Indian eCommerce companies surely know that. All the major eCommerce companies have been on TV to lure the viewer to get on the net and buy.

The one thing about these ads is that they all are supremely well targeted and convey the message very effectively. Here are some of the best ones. Who are you rooting for?


The new Flipkart campaign developed by Happy Creative Services, “Shopping ka naya address” is a run-away hit and rides home the point it wants to make; what you see, is what you get.

The new campaign was a perfect top up to the earlier “No kidding, no worries” campaign.


Draft FCB Ulka had a great ‘deal’ for Snapdeal with Yumdude who has been in the limelight ever since he came on air a couple of months ago.


Ebay India

Youtube comments are very erratic but if they’re anything to go by, this campaign developed by Piyush Raghani and produced by Old School Films hasn’t gone down very well but TV viewers might have different opinions.


Happy Creative Services have done the Myntra Surfboard campaign to bring in the ‘cool’ effect but somehow they pale out against their Flipkart effort.


Expanding from just footwear with BigShoeBazaar into apparels, accessories and more with, their TV campaign leaves a mark on the viewer. The campaign, developed by Eleven Brandworks strikes a chord with the youth and gives them more than a reason to land up on their page.


One gem of an advert created by Ideas@work, BigRock’s Saviribai commercial plays on your mind a long time after you’ve seen the ad.

These and a few more have added a new flavor to TVC’s over the past year and picking a clear winner is difficult. WowMakers, a startup in the field of branding, logo designs and mobile apps, have a big youthful team who have had many heated debates on such topics. They chose Flipkart.

“It’s hard to choose one, but we’ll go for Flipkart" say the Wowmakers unanimously.

Do you have any other winner?


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