Asian Companies Now to Get Twitter Brand Pages; Japan First


After launching the "Brand Page on Twitter" feature in the United States last year, Twitter launched the feature in the United Kingdom. And now, Twitter has entered Asia. This feature, as Twitter describes it, allows a brand to promote a particular tweet at the top of its page. From brand pages, businesses are also entitled to a header image, where they can put a tagline, photograph or their logo - to catch the user’s immediate attention.

Brand pages serve the purpose of getting the user to click the follow button. Most customers for any business today use various forms of social media. It is essential for brands therefore to be a part of their online life to promote themselves. Twitter, has been shown to increase traffic for a company’s website, and users following a brand page have been shown to recommend and be more loyal to them. After the initial launch in USA, several of the market’s top brands used this premium service for penetrating through to more people on Twitter.

Here is Staples’ brand page -

With the apparent success of this advertising idea, Twitter has launched this service in the Asian market with Japan first. It is unclear if it will maintain the same price of USD 25k for a brand page.

India poses as a huge market for Twitter Inc. According to recent reports, India is the sixth largest Twitter using nation in the world. Twitter has said Indian users are a priority and had added support features in four local languages to cash in on the non-English speaking crowd. We also discussed about Indian brands on Twitter earlier , how they are slowly increasing their twitter presence and meeting success. However, Twitter is yet to put any focus on advertising in India.

- Nakul Santpurkar