[Weekly Roundup] Some of the Must Reads from the Past Week


Funding & Acquisition News:

Myshaadi.in Raises First Round of Funding from Indian Angel Network

IFC Invests USD 6.5 Million In Bangalore Startup Snowman Logistics

IAN Invests 2 Crores in Real-time Traffic Tracker Birds Eye Systems


Sasha Mirchandani Traces the Evolution of Angel Investment in India

Passionate Investor Sasha Mirchandani Bets on E-commerce and Mobile Internet in the Next Decade through Kae Capital

E-Commerce through Indiaplaza Vaithee’s Eyes

“Put storytelling back at the heart of marketing,” Microsoft’s Country Director for Online Advertising tells Ad & Marketing Pros

“We plan to accelerate 100 startups in the next 3 years” Tanvi Rangwala, Director – iAccelerator, CIIE

K Vaitheeswaran, Indiaplaza, Selling Mangoes too Online,Confident of Capturing the Sweet Slice of E-Commerce Market in India Slow and Steady

Ex-CEO, Reliance Trends, Arun Sirdeshmukh Bunks Corporate Honcho Hat To Become An E-commerce Startup Entrepreneur

Guest Columns & Expert Talk:

Valleys of the East – The VC industry

Do You Really Need to Work Long Hours?

Top 5 Things World Class Product Managers Do

Customization: Creating the One in a Million Experience!

Tipping Point for the Entrepreneurial Plunge [Article 1]

On Starting Up at 38 – Ram Badrinathan of ‘Pawan Ko Kahin Dekha Kya?’

Startup Stories:

“Chetan Bhagat didn’t inspire me to write” Grapevine Founder,Sachin Garg

EduStar of the Month – GlobalTHEN (Global Travel & Hospitality Education Network)!

Getmymeal–Providing Answers to Your Daily Meal Questions

iAccelerator Startup Spardin Crosses 100K Downloads forit’sApp,Touch Voter

iAccelerator Incubated Flick2Know: Universal QR Code Reader and Generator

Building the Green Way: GreenTree Building Energy Pvt. Ltd.

All Your Office Supplies Are Now Just ‘1Click1Call’ Away!

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