Why Tendulkar Is Unlikely to be an Entrepreneur


Entrepreneurship quotient of IPL 5 CaptainsPersonality has a lot to do with everything in life. The inherent and learned traits play a significant part in the roles we assume and how we act in a given situation. Entrepreneurship is all about decision-making in favorable and unfavorable situations. Given that IPL 5 captains have to make decisions (like an entrepreneur), I try to analyse the entrepreneurship quotient (EnQ) of all the IPL 5 captains and suggest why Sachin Tendulkar is unlikely to be an entrepreneur.

1. M.S. Dhoni -- Chennai Super Kings: Successful IPL captain of all time in five seasons. Modern-day “cool” head with a bit of arrogance. Threadbare analyst and highly articulate. Meteoric rise from Ranchi to India team mantle. Wouldn’t mind a successive eight-quarter loss if an entrepreneur and will carry on. Strong willed and unwilling to give up at any point.

EnQ: 8.5/10

2. Sourav Ganguly -- Pune Warriors: Aggressive leader with never-say-die spirit. Proven fighter. Challenges status quo and finds ways to get out of tricky, unfavorable situations. Wouldn’t easily budge under pressure. Temperamentally strong and intuitive.

EnQ: 8/10

3. Adam Gilchrist -- Kings XI Punjab: Indomitable spirit and a desire to succeed with a proven track record. Underdogs become winning horses under his leadership. Keeps a lively air to match aggressive positions. Suave risk taker.

EnQ: 8/10

4. Rahul Dravid -- Rajasthan Royals: The Scholar Captain, who looks for strategies from biographies. Avid reader. Data-based decision maker. Well-thought-out actions and never hurried. A fine gentleman. A combination of mind and manners. Steady mind.

EnQ: 7.5/10

5. Daniel Vettori -- Royal Challengers Bangalore: Snugly fits into the captaincy role. Thinking captain. Not afraid of limiting factors. Quick mover to offset grim situations. Lively on the field and takes pride in being a leader. A die-hard success seeker.

EnQ: 7/10

6. Virendra Sehwag -- Delhi Daredevils: Raw aggression with devil-may-care attitude. Downright risk taker. No undue worry about results. Plays for enchantment and leads to win. No middle paths for this volatile leader. Can blast any attack into pieces. Raw leader with experience and sense.

EnQ: 7/10

7. Gautam Gambhir -- Kolkata Knight Riders: Tactile leader. Knows to move right places at the right time. Doesn’t get to extremes although very aggressive and fighter to the core. Drives others to succeed. Tactful leader.

EnQ: 7/10

8. Kumara Sangakkara -- Deccan Chargers: Raw arrogance combined with skilful action. Driven to a challenge, would never give up and fight it out until the final end. Keeps the flock together? Takes responsibility even in a dire situation. Rainmaker as a player and yet to prove as a captain.

EnQ: 6/10

9. Harbhajan Singh -- Mumbai Indians: Going by ego states, has a child ego. Aggressive, adamant and at times abusive. Temperamentally susceptible. Lacks maturity to handle provocative situations. Innate ability to drive things through natural aggression. Given to immature emotions but a growing leader.

EnQ: 5/10

The insurmountable Sachin Tendulkar might be happy as VP Sales, driving the organization from Rs. 100 crores to Rs. 100 million but will never don the mantle. An aggressive team player. Ability, perseverance and stature are his strengths and inability to accept criticism a weakness. Going by his captaincy decisions, wouldn’t mind being a unique and tall leader, leaving others to don the captaincy role. That’s why he is an unlikely entrepreneur unwilling to risk being a leader.

–Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy, chief evangelist