PerfectMyEnglish, EdVille and eDuWidget Emerge as Winners of Startup Weekend - Education


We earlier wrote about the Startup Weekend Education that was held in Delhi from April 13-15. As an outcome of this event which saw 100+ registrants, 3 companies were chosen as the winners. All these ventures are very early stage startups and are in the development phase. The event saw 30+ business ideas being pitched and 14 teams were formed. There were 12 mentors to guide these young entrepreneurs and here are the top three companies at the chequered flag (or should I say the starting flag)PerfectMyEnglish

An Android app which will improve one's professional English communication skills by adapting to the persons learning needs.


Loosely named as Edville, this venture looks to fill the dearth of standardized assessments by giving adaptive tests across all topics. "More than 5.5 million high school students (age 13-17) in India engage via social media. We seek to engage students by using the social gaming dynamics while providing them relevant, intellectually stimulating exercises. Students will be able to do self-assessments in topics that interest them while at the same time getting a pulse of where they stand among friends, in their city and in the world. This real-time data on where students around the world stand gives students the option of gauging their interest, giving knowledge of exactly where they need to work, giving a marketplace for getting the resource needed and targeted advertising." say the founders.


eDuWidget aims to be a platform independent RIA which fits a plethora of educational tools/ component within a single screen ‘box’ giving the end user an appealing platform to create and discover interactive (esp. interactive video based) educational content.

The likes of TLabs, Pearson, Google, Grockit, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, edSurge, The Chimes Group, The Kauffman Foundation, Inforica, eLagaan, InterviewStreet, Cocaine, PayTM, Visual Website Optimizer and KooKoo sponsored this event and a host of other interesting startups also cropped up amongst which two are notable.

Earth Lab Schools and Book Pool

EarthLab Schools is an innovative programme designed to help communities use their schools as laboratories for sustainability while 'Book Pool’ in its essence, is an online community to share used books. A user lists books that he/she is willing to part with, on the website. When another user or an NGO is interested in any of the listed books, BookPool picks up the books from the user and awards him a credit point for each book. Using credit points, one can claim a book from the online pool of books. One also builds karma by doing a great deal of social good as they reach the books starved rural India.

We'll keep you updated about these new ventures and bring their stories as soon as they see day's light.


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