A 1000 Student Pilot in Rajasthan with Aksharit, the Hindi WordGame, Yields Positive Results


Aksharit is the world’s first Hindi word game developed by Rajat Dhariwal and team (read their story here). The company has grown by leaps and Aksharit has been gaining wide acceptance and doing commendable work in the field of education.Aksharit was launched in 2010 with the aim of educating children with Hindi as the language medium. “Its success gave us the confidence to make lighter versions for kids under 10, which were named Bal Aksharit and Aksharit Paheli. Later on, we released Aksharit in various Indian languages like Telugu and Kannada. The last game to release was “My Toy Factory” which is a DIY game particularly loved by kids who are curious to know more on how things work. It improves children's analytical skills by experimenting with each toy they made.” explains Rajat.

They recently conducted a pilot in government schools in Rajasthan with 1000 students (from 215 schools and 4 districts) to measure the effectiveness of Aksharit. The administrator and teachers have given some encouraging feedback and key takeaways are listed here:

(i) Children have started showing interest in learning without being forced to learn

(ii) They are picking up the alphabet faster

(iii) They're also learning the words and their meanings quicker

A special group of children who were drop outs or learn slowly were able to learn at their own pace. Apart from purely educational outcomes, Aksharit has also enhanced the spirit of team building.

After the study of successful deployments of the Hindi Learning aids, the team is now in talks with the state governments to scale it state wide. “We are going to launch the digital Indian Language Apps catering to the Indian masses. Penetration of technology is faster than English, so there is a huge potential for these games.” says Rajat. “One important thing which we would like to add is the immense support we received from the teachers, headmasters and administrators from SSA and States education departments.”

Talking about the vision going forward, Rajat says, “Our vision is to build a company which churns out amazing Learning Games with high profits and large impact! We want to make the learning experience of children more enriching and fun at the same time.”

Madratgames (the company under which Aksharit was made) have also launched products in retail and will be present in more than 500 stores Pan India. “Toys and Games industry is an unorganized market in India. We plan to set new standards in this industry both in terms of products and in-terms of the business with the support of new age technology, social media etc. We are looking at expanding distribution channels in retail, government space and digital space.” says Rajath about their plans.

More about Aksharit here.