BPlan Experts Expands in India


BPlan Experts, planners and consultants, have set up its new offices in Bengaluru and New Delhi. Having worked with over 250 businesses across 40 countries, BPlanExperts.com is set to expand its presence across India.

Today, start-up entrepreneurs, small and medium sized businesses have become very professional and demand world class services. “BPlanExperts.com is uniquely placed to leverage its experience of working with entrepreneurs across multiple domains and geographies,” says CEO, Arnab Ray.

The NCR region has become the epicentre of manufacturing activity in India, not to mention a high quality technology cluster, while Bengaluru remains the undisputed technology hub of the country where highly skilled entrepreneurs and businesses are looking at setting up or growing their ventures. “Expanding into these cities was an obvious choice for the company,” said COO Sauvik Banerjee.

Planning is extremely important, not just for setting up of businesses, or while looking for funding. A well-defined business plan can be used as an internal tool to map improvements and project manage a business. The benefits from a well-structured business plan are extensive.

This is true for businesses of all sizes and domains. “However, there are limited consultancy firms dedicated to serving the small and medium business sector. BPlanExperts.com is proud to work with such businesses and be part of their growth story,” adds Arnab.

Offices in Mumbai and Hyderabad are next in line according to the leadership team at BPlanExperts.com.