Biggest Tech IPO in History

It’s time for the biggest technology IPO there is. Facebook is going public tomorrow with a valuation of $38 per share , keeping its valuation at a whopping 104 billion USD. Facebook has commented that it won’t lose its focus of keeping the users happy, as Mark Zuckerberg commented – “We don’t build services to make money; we make money to build better services. “

True to its word, its going out of its way to build better services. The one challenge that its been facing since long, is its mobile interface. Essentially a computer-based website, the advent of increasingly mobile and tablet-browsing users has put Facebook’s usage at jeopardy. Although its mobile app is excellent, Facebook launched at a time when the mobile experience was in its nascent stage. Hence the company is trying its best to make itself a mobile-based company. Another development which the company did not anticipate was that it has primarily become a photo-sharing website. That also posed as a hurdle to its advancement in the mobile arena.

To tackle their mobile challenge, the company bought Instagram a month ago for a billion dollars, and just this week bought Lightbox, aUK based mobile startup that makes photo-sharing app for Android. It also bought Tagtile in April 2012, a mobile based management marketing startup for an undisclosed sum. The company is focused on pulling more users to its mobile app, and generating more revenue via this platform. Apart from this, it also rolled out new UI for notifications and messages, and complete authority over your notifications by allowing you to block spamming apps and providing more noise control.Facebook is making smart decisions for its development into the mobile sector. This has to be swift, because of the IPO. Meanwhile it has to make sure it doesn’t lose its valuable user base post-IPO, in a hurry to please investors and share-holders by implementing large advertisements and banners. What are your thoughts on the IPO?

- Nakul Santpurkar


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