Klouzly : An Intelligent Online Closet That Can Assist You inShopping


One cannot argue with the fact that fashion and lifestyle is a highly popular category in e-commerce today. With a horde of options to choose your fashion accessories from, it is only natural for more players to enter this field of business. Being a highly lucrative and competitive category of e-retailing, forecasts see them growing by $6-7 billion in the next five years.“Klouzly, an online fashion and accessories shopping portal, brings a conventional approach of looking into catalogs before buying products by creating wish-lists to assist you in your online shopping just like your best buddy would,” says Pushpendra, the founder of Klouzly.

The name Klouzly has been derived by tweaking around the word closet. “I was looking for something unconventional, related and yet meaningful: wardrobe and closet were the two options and I played around with closet to come out with klouzly,” Pushpendra adds.

Their USP, the klouzly wish-list, which hopes to streamline a customer’s shopping process, makes organizing, discovering and shopping products easy, fast and effective. “While shopping online, it is in the shopper’s nature to browse while keeping multiple tabs open and bookmark some of them. And they very often repeat the process if they decide to shop later, since most of them are not impulsive shoppers. This was more or less the reason wish-lists came up on Klouzly,” says Pushpendra.

Key Highlights 

  • One can organize and push items into klozets, a virtual online closet, according to specific categories and name them as Holiday 2012, UK trip etc, for instance.
  • The idea is to organize everything categorically and logically so that the klouzly account becomes your ultimate reference point for all purchases you might need for any occasion.
  • Another use is to crowd source opinions for special occasions like a date, a party, or a wedding.
  • Klouzly also does socialize the shopping decisions and fashion trends. There is an emphasis more on the community which is being built. “The current focus is to assist people in managing their purchases, improve shopping decisions and to build a dedicated community and by doing so, maximize member base,” says Pushpendra.

Klouzly is currently self funded but is on the lookout for funds to scale up the business, make the platform bigger and better.

The beta version was softly launched in the second week of April, 2012. “I have given very limited publicity to klouzly, and so far all the traction has been through friends and word of the mouth only.” With more than 3500 fans in the first month, social media will surely play a large part in the marketing strategy.

Looking ahead, klouzly plans to expand its business endeavors by opening a few more models structured around the same category. “I do not intend to transform klouzly to working horizontally in all the e-commerce categories and would love to carry forward what I’m already doing by user experiences and opinions. Many new cool features are coming down along the road and with everything going mobile, it is but obvious we do the same,” says Pushpendra, signing off.

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