May Day Special: Vindhya e-Infomedia Brings a New Meaning to Dignity of Labour


Young husband-wife team of Ashok Giri and Pavithra is one of the most driven couple teams I have seen. What makes them unique is that their energies are directed in the same direction – to create equal opportunities for everyone.Their 6-year-old ventureVindhya is a BPO that employs more than 200 differently-abled people to provide services like Data Conversion, Data Entry Services, Data Processing, Document Management, Loan Processing Services, Employee Record Digitization and many more such process-driven work. I have also known them for close to 2 years now and along with every one else have congratulated and admired what the couple have been doing.Though, last week was the first time I went to their office.

It is one thing to read and learn about such an organisation and something different all together to go to their office and witness the kind of work that is being done. I understood the real meaning of Dignity of Labour there. People with various disabilities had a sense of pride and purpose to their lives. Everyone in Vindhya is working hard with unmatched sincerity because they value the job that has been given to them. It has transformed their lives, from being a liability in the family to becoming an equal earning member.

Ashok and Pavithra have built an organisation that prides itself on the high quality work delivered and processes followed. The couple unanimously tell me: "for us the pride gets doubled because every one in the team works with such passion and commitment to deliver the very best. All challenges are forgotten to achieve the best. We see our team display and prove to the world, that any limitation is only in the mind every day...”

On May Day, YourStory is proud to carry the Vindhya story and we congratulate Ashok and Pavithra on looking at the section of people who are either oversympathised or equally shunned by the society with disdain.

Today, lets remember, deficits reside only in our mind and not in our disabilities.

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