Project Prarambh: A Mission to Provide Free Education to 25000Underprivileged Children


It was once said, “Knowledge is power and enthusiasm pulls the switch”. The National Olympiad Foundation (NOF) pulled this switch on the 1st of May, this year, with Project Prarambh, a social project dedicated to free education for children Below Poverty Line (BPL). “Knowledge is the sweetest of all the dishes one can get in life. When children are imparted with knowledge, the smiles on their faces make our life meaningful. It’s satisfactory and nothing else can be better than this,” says CEO & Co-founder Sandesh Vyas.As part of the project, a team of around 150 volunteers, including principals/teachers from various CBSE schools, will constantly be on the move, meeting principals of various government owned schools and schools in slum areas. The 3 month programme consists of various training sessions, workshops, coaching on different subjects, free distribution of books and other test material, sessions on various career options available after 12th etc. The topics covered will be Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Commerce, Workshops on Multiple Intelligence, Training on Life skills, Physical Education and more.

Starting with Madhya Pradesh, the project will cover most parts of India. At the end of the programme, a national level test will be organized for the students. The top 5% will be selected and awarded scholarships of INR 500 per month till they finish their education, up to the PG level.


Sandesh describes the project as the beginning of an era which is all about improvement, betterment, equality, smiles and opportunities. “It’s all about working for the all round development of under privileged children. To start with, free education will be given to 25000 students this year,” he says.

Project Prarambh is headed by the 4 Co-founders of National Olympiad Foundation- Sandesh, Amit Patel (COO), Saransh Jain (CSO) and Rohit Betala (CTO) and it is their first indigenous effort together.

“We started doing this long back, even before the official declaration of this project. We have been teaching students for free and availing study material in various schools of Indore and areas nearby. Our association with CRY, SMILE and Teach For India is a proof of the same,” says Sandesh.

Bootstrapped so far, Project Prarambh is looking for trusts, philanthropists, institutions, crowd funding etc. to fuel the project.

“We always knew that we have to work for the betterment of the society and what else can be better than providing opportunities to such students who have caliber but do not have a platform to prove themselves? This was something which aims at providing equal opportunities to all kinds of students in the country,” says Sandesh.

Affordable but Quality education to every under privileged child in India is the ultimate aim of Project Prarambh and we, at, wish them the best for this noble initiative.


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