Terminus Circuits: Innovative Solutions for the SemiconductorIndustry

When two established names of any industry join hands for a venture, it is bound to seek a lot of attention. K S Sankara Reddy, holder of 5 patents and numerous international publications and having spent over two decades in the semiconductor industry, along with C S Vijayakumara, possessing an experience of 14 years in successful IP development for names like Toshiba, Fujitsu, Kawasaki are the brains  behind Terminus Circuits.

It is a concept aimed at providing high quality circuit designs, wireless solutions and speed interface circuits to national and international markets. With a dearth of companies to sustain the huge demand for analog IPs and similar products worldwide, the scope of exporting the viable products seems immense.

The technology at Terminus Circuits is applicable in and viable to industries like automotive, lighting, hospitality, security and consumer electronics. So the products will not only be addressing market needs but also have the potential to showcase Indian mettle in the market of circuit designs globally. The solutions, being environment friendly, save tons of plastic, a promising attempt that might be an answer to the stagnant green revolution in our nation.

"With our solution if implemented, 1 billion meters (1 million kilometers) of wire and 2 billion of end connectors can be saved,” says Sankara.

An interesting innovation by Terminus Circuits is a transmitter and receiver system that can provide a wireless, hassle free charging solution to handheld devices like mobiles, sensors and other low power gadgets. The transmitter, which can be either wall/ceiling mounted can be a source of power for any gadget that is at the receiver end and has our embedded IP. This can provide a life time power solution for sensors and eliminate the need for frequent wired charging of mobiles.

Marketing and revenue models

The sale of their transmitters are planned to be carried out through retail outlets like Chroma, EBay etc, while orders can be placed on their online sales booking. The IP sales and the Tie up/joint development programs will be done on royalty, equity or license basis.

The revenue model includes sales of transmitters and IP licensing for receivers, design assistance with a fixed price model, and customization of IP designs.

Obstacles faced

The acute shortage of industries in the design sector in India and abroad coupled with the still budding semiconductor industry in our country is the major problem. There are requirements of large investments in design and development for tool licensing and skilled resources demand high premium wages. "Also, it is relatively difficult to enlighten venture capitalists about the higher expenses in this field owing to recurrent licensing costs and long project periods," says Sankara. However, many financial agencies have turned up in supporting them like Technology Development Board, TiFAC, Ministry of Information Technology etc.

Future Endeavors

In the near future Terminus Circuits aims at expanding at the development end while focusing on investment on their siliconization and testing wings.

Keeping in mind the risk of a small shelf life of semiconductor products and loss of importance of technical innovations over time, Terminus Circuits seems to be a brave attempt and should be encouraged. An adequate financial aid, high caliber professionals with experience, and upcoming digital innovations might help Terminus Circuits to be a game-changer in the times to come.

-Shivangi Sharma