Weekly Roundup- Catch Up With the Startup Activity


This week again saw some great startups coming to the fore. Leading the way were investment bankers, Agarwal brothers with AGacquisitions and fJungle, the social media aggregator guys from Chennai. People at 5shells, have an interesting story about how they went on from a board game 'Kingpin' makers to an online entity. Laptopwale blew in a fresh breath of air by proclaiming to be a profit making eCommerce business. Also, the exceptional Aurality which has a $280k funding and an interesting startup in the semiconductor industry, Terminus Circuits.

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Useful Resource Pieces 

Which mode do you prefer while listening to music these days? Here's an indepth analysis.

Business Model Economics for Startups

An exceptional piece by Anil Joshi from mumbai Angels on "What it takes to be a startup CEO?"

Here are the lessons to be learnt from the decline of Yahoo!

And on the events front, The Morpheus will be organizing "The Open Demo Day"