Why You Should Attend the TechSparks Roundtables and What toexpect?


We, at Yourstory have been very buoyant about Technology startups and have always believed that startups in India have been doing some genuinely good work. And our belief hasn’t been let down as Techsparks over the past two years saw an amazing response and some brilliant startups emerged. It’s time for the 3rd edition of TechSparks and we’re excited to uncover some of the innovations that would make the startup community alongside the whole of India, proud.Taking inspiration from the way the event in itself has scaled through the years, the theme couldn’t have been anything other than, “The smartest way to scale your startup”. As a run up to the TechSparks Grand Finale, the roundtables in 5 different cities will serve as an active spawning ground for entrepreneurs and all those who’re interested in the fascinating world of ideas and innovations. The sparkling feature of the Roundtables this year would be the product workshop wherein an entrepreneur will be able to test an idea, would be able to understand the nitty-gritties of a product’s lifecycle, learn about the various trade-offs involved and prepare for a product launch. This workshop is for anyone interested in doing something new, be technical or non-technical.

A remote interest or curiosity about the startup world should be a reason compelling enough to attend the Roundtables. And of course, for everyone thinking about starting up and those who’re running successfully, these Roundtables might be the best things that happen to you and your company. The Roundtables will serve as an apt stage to connect and network with some of the best in the industry. These are a few questions to which you can expect to find answers for:

  • Which are the sectors to look upon to build on an idea?
  • Am I reinventing the wheel with my idea?
  • How should I scale?
  • I’m looking for people with whom I can collaborate to work on my idea. Can I find someone here?
  • I require funding. Can I get leads over here?
  • Are there people like me or am I the only one thinking about quitting my high paying job and starting up against all tides?

The first roundtable is happening at IIT Bombay, Mumbai on May 26th for which you can Register Here to attend,

The following roundtables will happen at Delhi (16th June), Chennai (29th June), Ahmedabad (14th July), Hyderabad (28th July) and the Techsparks Grand Finale at Bangalore on 8th September.