7 Learnings from Kunal Bahl On How He Scaled Up SnapDeal

Turning true to our prognosis about the Techsparks 2012 Delhi Roundtable, it has been a delightful experience and some amazing views on entrepreneurship have been shared throughout the day. Twitter has been ablaze and tonnes of connections have been made. Kunal Bahl, founder and CEO of Snapdeal delivered an enriching speech on how to scale up. He gave seven mantras or learnings from his journey as an entrepreneur.

Learning 1. Don't do it alone. Spend 1/3 of your time recruiting. Share the workload to do more.

Learning 2. Step out of your comfort zone

Learning 3. Be shameless. Snapdeal sold cheap condoms on valentine's day

Learning 4. Your culture will define your success: Fashion show, painting eggs at easter, etc.

Learning 5. Constant innovation is a must. Don't copy/paste and be 'XYZ of India'. Be right for India.

Learning 6. Break Clutter - Create a brand that is discontinuous. E.g. Pumps for wells in Rural India.

Learning 7. Service is the only differentiation in the long run.

[Image credit: personal.psu.edu]


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