'Maximum Effect' shows you how to Leave a Lasting Impression!


You aren’t Zuckerberg that you can present yourself at important occasions in a hoodie. Also, you can’t attend your company’s product launch wearing a black turtleneck, can you? No. This means, you understand the importance of dressing and presenting yourself ‘properly’, something over which 93% of your first impression is made up. Want to create a dashing personality? Get that “maximum effect”.

Lata Goenka Kedia, the Image Director at Maximum Effect has a degree in Fashion Management from London College of Fashion, she has been trained by Polly Holman of Image Practice, London, and Christina Ong of Image Works Asia, Singapore, and has also studied under Carla Mathis, a world renowned colour and style specialist. These are three of the only ten Image Masters in the world. It is her passion in colours and personal style coupled along with her entrepreneurial spirit that led her to set up her own image consultancy, Maximum Effect, in 2006.

Lata has worked with multi-national corporations such as insurance companies, retail conglomerates and international trade associations in Singapore, India, Thailand, Australia and the United States. Some of her clients include the FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry), General Insurance Company (India), Just Linc and Office Linc Retail Stores (India), Amore Fitness, Lunch Actually and the National University of Singapore.

After practicing in Singapore for 5 years, I moved to India and I am now based in Bangalore. I hope to be able to empower people by teaching them the importance of image management, which is not just about dressing up or going shopping – it is a makeover of every facet of your lifestyle. From working with professional men and women in the corporate world, to well-known women in the social scene, my vast experience will help them find their perfect look for every occasion,” says Lata explicating reasons behind her journey from Singapore to India.

Under Lata’s tutelage, Maximum Effect is working towards enlightenment of individuals on their personal image and style, helping them to achieve their aspirations and project a pleasant persona. It not only works on the visual appearance of its clients but also helps in polishing their communication skills. At Maximum Effect, clients are equipped with tools and skills that would encourage their power of expression. Maximum Effect believes in a complete visual and behavioral transformation of an individual in a way that dressing well and dressing right becomes instinctive.

Maximum Effect has a team of internationally qualified Image Consultants who understand the importance of an effective and consistent image can train individuals and give expertise counsel on how to dress for an occasion. They also have expertise in colour and body analysis, dressing one's personality, dressing to camouflage body shape challenges, wardrobe review and management, informed shopping, hair makeover, learning to follow a suitable skin care regime and applying makeup, business protocol, social etiquette and creating a trademark that is effective and consistent with one's own personal branding.

When we asked Lata if Maximum Effect has something special in store for Indian clients, she said, “I've just brought in ColourSmart, a great tool for colour analysis that has been developed keeping Asian skin, hair and eye tones in mind. This tool has been developed by the Academy of Image Mastery, Singapore, where I did part of my training and also co-trained on image consulting courses. It was just launched at the AICI (Association of Image Consultants International) conference in May this year which was held in Honolulu and I'm very excited to bring it to India for the first time. It allows greater variation for brighter tones, more energetic tones which are dominantly found in Asian colouring.

Maximum Effect, after establishing itself as a renowned Image Consultants in Singapore, is all set to explore various dimensions of personal image building in India, starting with Bangalore.

Get your panache polished at Maximum Effect.

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