BollywoodShaadis: Linking the Soon-to-be-Married with Local Vendors


Internet has become a second home to many people as they spend a large part of their lives online. There are stories of “happily married online” now becoming ubiquitous. Also, online dating sites and matrimonial sites are at an all time entrepreneurial high. At this juncture, when one has settled, enters the scene to provide one-stop holistic solutions to all needs for planning a glamorous wedding. All this without going any far than your local service provider.

The founder, Apoorv Kalra, has this to say about BollywoodShaadis, “With wedding season approaching in just couple of months, many soon-to-be-married are in peak stages of wedding planning and purchasing. We recently launched the brand new look of – India’s foremost information resource portal for the soon-to-be-married brides and grooms.”

Yes, the brand new look is cool, and maintains the originality of Indian marriages while exploring relatively newer options like celebrity wedding trends, tips from a Tarot expert and advice from Nutritionists. BollywoodShaadis is betting largely upon “”, a free add-on feature for setting up personalized websites in under 15 minutes!

Currently, YourStory doesn’t have any about-to-be married couple onboard, but still, we did a ‘fictional’ wedding planning on their website and came out with these as the useful features provided by BollywoodShaadi's for planning an elegant wedding ceremony:

1. A comprehensive list of planning options.      2. Connection to your local vendor





3. Get tips directly from wedding experts.         4. Build your personal wedding website.

Its connections, with 7000 vendors across the major cities of India is the main factor that gives BollywoodShaadis a considerable leverage against its competitors. Currently, they are aggressively marketing online and plan to get into organizing customized events and bridal workshops soon.

Plan a wedding here and make your personalized wedding site here.


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