Are the Coaching Classes Ready to Adopt Technology? ClassPro Gives an Answer


With 11 paying customers within an year of operations, ClassPro is going strong...

As the Indian education sector swells up in terms of size and competition, coaching centres have sprung up all over the country and are cashing in on the scenario. However, with youngsters running the rat race for getting the best education in the country, the need for coaching centres to use softwares and handle their operations smoothly seems only natural. This is where Classpro seeks to fit in, providing a web-based SaaS (Software as a Service) application that enables owners to manage their coaching classes with ease and efficiency.

Although the coaching classes market is evolving and is valued at Rs 23,000cr according to a study, it is a sector that is not very well organized. “We found that coaching class’ owners are more likely to be early adopters of technology and they are aware about the online and social media. As a result of the competition, many institutes have taken to technology and provide their students comforts to stand apart,” says Jayesh Gopalan, the founder of Classpro.

The Classpro team

 The team comprises of 3 people including Vijay Suryawanshi, Deepak Dargade, besides Jayesh himself.

Jayesh, a sales and business expert, is responsible for Business Development, Marketing and focuses on exploring his company’s growth opportunities. Vijay is the team’s designer, who loves to create functioning applications and sites, while Deepak is a Ruby (on Rails) fanatic.

After getting selected in 6th batch of The Morpheus, the team is currently mentored and advised by Morpheus founders, Sameer & Nandini.


 Attributes of the software

Classpro is a web-based application which would not require any installation. The users can just sign-up to start using the application.

The software we’re using for Classpro is based on Ruby On Rails, as it helps in faster development and it has an active community which assists us along, and this results in delivering an awesome experience to our users,” Jayesh informs.

Some of the software’s attributes include managing student admissions, managing data from different branches, arriving at detailed reports of different branches and the provision of auto fees reminders.

The software is priced on monthly subscription basis (the SaaS model). “We have two plans, one being for coaching centres that are single location based, which is priced at Rs.799 and the other for multi location based coaching centers, for which the price is Rs.699/month/center.”

 Current Market trends

 There is healthy competition in the market, majorly from desktop based softwares which provide a whole host of options and features, and more often than not, the user ends up getting confused. “Classpro on the other hand is an excellent solution for coaching classes that don’t want to deal with the complexity that desktop software brings. The UI is great, very quick to learn and intuitive to use, and with the recent changes it has some good features that really add value to basic functionality,” emphasizes Jayesh.

There are also issues that the company faces, the foremost being the fact that most coaching classes that have been operational since many years use desktop softwares, thereby offering resistance in accepting new technologies. “Initially they are pessimistic but after seeing the demo of Classpro, they opt for a 14 day free trial and during this period they see the brighter side, and eventually switch to Classpro.” Jayesh adds.

This in-turn would simplify plenty of bottlenecks in the education industry and Jayesh believes that Classpro would play a major role in improving education by using technology as an enable.

Great work team Classpro! Have a look at what they offer here.




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