Cloud Cartoon of the Week - Workflows take-off to Cloud


Workflows take-off to Cloud

Businesses who have 'Gone Google' will have an easier time managing complex tasks starting today with the launch of KiSSFLOW, a new Workflow-as-a-Service from OrangeScape — it’s the first workflow product that’s “deeply integrated” with Google Apps. Try building your workflow in minutes

About the Author

Latha Annur Subramaniam is a visual thinker, a technology enthusiast and a person with multifarious interests. She was a core engineering member at Selectica, a valley based pioneer in online Guided Selling systems and later at Cognizant’s Digital Security Practice, working for Media and Banking giants. Having garnered the unique combination of Technology, Business and Creativity, she now runs a boutique Marketing Communications Consulting company.

Disclaimer: The wordings used in this cartoon is not intended to be offensive towards any religion. No offense intended.


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