Don’t think Outside the Box; Dissolve the Box!


This is the 9th article in the series of 20 articles by Santosh Sharma

In my last article, I discussed the difference between ‘controlling’ the situation and ‘designing ways out’ of the situation. We “follow” when we control and “lead” when we design. With control regime you could survive in a static world but not in the dynamic. Our DNA is naturally coded for designing but we have restricted ourselves because of some faulty assumptions and this is holding us back. This has created a limited understanding of ourselves, which in turn gives rise to fear, ego, attachment, infected mental intelligence and we are in this vicious trap. When these traps are very strong we respond from the box, when it is strong we think out of it and when we are stronger than them we dissolve our box. So by dissolving the boxes, we are simply reclaiming ourselves and this is a Universal phenomenon as we are designed that way. And when we reclaim ourselves we live every moment vibrantly, we become better entrepreneurs, better leaders and more responsible corporate citizens.

But for that you will have to give an appointment to yourself. You will have to go deep within yourself to reclaim yourself. Words can never match experience. Saying water - water will not quench your thirst until you drink it and so is the idea of ‘dissolving the box’; you will have to experience it and only you can do it for yourself. No one else can do it for you. This makes you the protagonist for this idea.

Just know yourself and you will realize what makes you a controller: there are stereotyped thoughts which come automatically and compulsively because the mind is your master, there is always an internal dialogue of “What-if” questions because of hidden fear, you are in the taking mode rather than giving because of your ego, you are hooked to positive outcomes because of attachment and this restricts creativity and innovation and there is a thought jam because of limited mental intelligence.

The body anatomy now is

1)     Your abdominal muscles contract.

2)     This creates inner turbulence.

3)     Breathing becomes superficial.

4)     You reach out to the mind, hook yourself to the mental boxes making them dominant

5)     Mind becomes the master

6)     Entropy or the excitability between the molecules are high

7)     You identify yourself with the situation.

8)     You are restricted to mind and body

9)     You vibrate at a gross frequency

10)  You don’t live every moment

The solution for the mother of all your problems is something very simple but very powerful, practical and compatible.

Practice silence. In silence there is inherent acceptance of the present. Therefore, i call it silence-acceptance of the present. Bypracticing silence-acceptance i mean there is no internal dialogue of “What-if” questions and we are in a state of simply being. Now you accept the present as it is before you act. Because you do not resist the present the abdominal muscles do not contract and all the 10 phenomena’s above do not happen. Now you are the master designer and not a follower or controller.

Now your

1)     Abdominal muscles are relaxed

2)     There is inner stillness

3)     Breathing is deep

4)     You reach deep within yourself and don’t reach out to the mind.

5)     You become the master

6)     Entropy is low

7)     You are not the situation now but you are a silent- witness to the situation

8)     You become consciousness the silent- witnessing- presence

9)     You vibrate at a finer and creative frequency

10)  You live every moment as you attention is deep in the present.

This makes you a designer and not limits you as a controller. Whenever I give this solution people initially misunderstand this as inaction because they lose control. But if you go deeper you will realise that if you allow the things to be as it is you allow yourself to act intelligently as you now do not react from your mental boxes but the field of all possibilities and infinite creativity. This is the field that makes real leaders, innovators, scientists, players or a family person. There is a huge difference between action and reaction. You act when you are the master and the mind follows you and you react when your mind and the mental boxes are the master and they guide you.

You need to understand when you let go, you are not giving up. You are only setting yourself free to act.

This has been dealt in greater details in my book “Next What’s In”. So folks try it out. You will find the difference. You will see your leadership qualities blooming. Your purpose in life will be clearer and if you decide to be an entrepreneur you will see the gaps that exist better and you will be in a better position to provide alternatives to bridge the gap, you will manage and organize the resources better and this will design success for you. Worrying about success, fame etc. hampers your action sowing seeds for failure. A warning again, don’t be hooked to success because if you do, fear of failure will be there to spoil your party.

I would love to answer all your queries. You can even write to me personally at or even reach me at Facebook at santosh.cas if you have any difficulty in practicing. Welcome to a fresh new world where you are no more in love with your tricky mental traps.


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