Dropmyemail, Currently Fastest Growing Startup in Asia, Announces Viral Component


Hailed as the current fastest growing start--‐up in Asia by e27, Dropmyemail released its viral bonuses plan that will gain more users and reward them with more free storage space.Recently selected as the top 10 start--‐ups at Asian technology summit, Echelon ’12, Dropmyemail is an award-winning cloud email backup and migration solution. After a few whirlwind months since the launch of Dropmyemail at DEMO Asia ’12, the company is currently boasting 635,000 users.

With an already impressive growth of an average 8,000+ users per day, CEO, John Fearon, wants to increase that figure significantly.

“We are on track to hit one million users and growing faster than Dropbox, Fab.com, Pinterest and Twitter at a similar stage. There are an estimated 4.3 billion emails in the world today; Our aim is to back-up the internet, so we have lots of work to do,” says Fearon.

At the moment, all users who sign up with Dropmyemail will get 128MB of free storage space indefinitely. Users can then do a series of simple tasks, without even leaving the site With a few clicks, users can invite their friends to Dropmyemail through connecting on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ email, and more.

The user will also get a unique generated link that he or she can share on any platform to refer their contacts to sign up. By using the link, both the sender and recipient get a bump in their storage space (full breakdown of viral bonuses is attached in the screenshot below).

Upon completion of all these steps, the user can get up to 2GB of free storage space. The extra storage will be more than sufficient for casual email users or corporate mail accounts with the average email account size of 100MB.

“With our viral bonuses, we expect to get to the critical mass (of one million users) sooner”, Fearon reveals.

A reason for the current growth for the company is that Dropmyemail provides an easy solution to a real unresolved need in securing emails.

According to CommTouch’s State of Hack Accounts 2011, 1 in 5 email accounts are compromised and an estimated 540 million email accounts will be affected annually.

Dropmyemail uses an easy 2-click process to email backup and it will automatically back up daily – providing a peace of mind for users. Users may also restore the emails to their accounts if they regain control or migrate email to another account with one click.

Dropmyemail expects to launch a number of product and service extensions over the next several months, offering even more options for backup, while signing many more users. And it plans to back-up the Internet.

More about DropMyEmail here.