Dropmysite Acquires OrbitFiles


Dropmysite acquires OrbitFiles to increase user base closer to critical mass of 1 million

Dropmysite just inked the deal to complete the acquisition of OrbitFiles.com, a cloud backup and sharing solution website. With this purchase, Dropmysite adds a database of 235,000 signups and the wealth of their experience to its existing 676,000 users.

"This acquisition will allow us to leapfrog forward in our product roadmap," beamed Vinoaj Vijeyakumaar, Head of Product Development at Dropmysite.

By incorporating OrbitFiles.com, Dropmysite will not only continue but also improve on what made OrbitFiles.com successful in the first place. OrbitFiles.com’s users were promised easy and simple backup functions that they are accustomed to by downloading different backup programs. Dropmysite will be able to seamlessly replace that with its 2-click backup process, but without an additional program to download. Also, the purchase of a US-based website will improve visibility for Dropmysite in North America.

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