Gaglers, The Connecting Link Between Buyers And Sellers At Online Marketplaces

Gaggle, a term for the characteristic sound made by a flock of geese, is also connoted as an informal group of people talking led to Gaglers-a hosted messaging platform built for online marketplaces. Gaglers connects a seller of the marketplace with their buyers via email and instant messages. “Sellers in the marketplace can interact with anyone looking at their product, right from their cellphone. The rise of the collaborative consumption movements in the developed economies like US, Europe and Australia is powering the growth of online marketplaces.” explains founder Augustus Franklin.

Augustus has been designing and developing software for more than 15 years. Also an active long distance runner, Augustus relocated from the Bay Area to Bangalore in 2010 and that is when the idea to start Gaglers struck him. Being a part of the Morpheus Gang of companies, Gaglers received a kickstart and recognition. “Jessie Paul, the CEO of PaulWriter, advises us on our business strategy.” informs Augustus.


Many chat systems exist today, why should one use Gaglers? “Yes, but there are two primary reasons why not many marketplaces connect buyers and sellers via chat. One, all the marketplaces would like to keep all their transactions within the marketplace platform. They do not like any system that would allow people to transact outside their platform. Two, it is difficult to make the sellers in the marketplaces responsive. Normal e-commerce sites can hire people specifically for customer support and respond to their buyers in real-time. However, the sellers in marketplaces typically have other priorities as well. Gaglers solves both of these problems for marketplaces.” says Augustus. “If you sell in a marketplace, you can now interact with anyone looking at your product, right from your cellphone. Gaglers ensures that the sellers and buyers have the right incentive to be responsive and keep the transaction within the marketplace; this results in a win-win situation for all.” he adds.

Currently in beta phase, Gaglers is elated with the kind of responses it has been generating. “We are working closely with a small number of marketplaces, including a Bangalore based marketplace. We are excited with the opportunity ahead of us.” says an enthusiastic Augustus.

Talking about the target markets, Gaglers expects a rapid explosion is swapping, sharing, bartering, trading and renting through technologies like theirs, in peer-to-peer marketplaces. “The rise of the collaborative consumption movements in the developed economies like US, Europe and Australia is powering the growth of online marketplaces. New online marketplaces like, Airbnb, Commonfloor, Etsy etc. are coming up every day.” mentions Augustus about the hovering opportunity. Gaglers plans to charge clients on the basis of number of sellers in the marketplace and to give a rough estimate, has about 8,75,000 sellers and, a marketplace for used wedding dresses, has about 80,000 sellers.

The team is expanding and Gaglers are accepting applications. Also on the lookout for funding prior the Morpheus stint, Gaglers has a big market (as illustrated by this TED talk) to capture. Find out more about them here.