Get a Mobile Compatible Site within Seconds with

YourStory had covered the launch of last year and the connection moves forward with the launch a private alpha version of their new tool in January 2012 at the IAMAI conference in Delhi. They released a private beta in April and the success with the product can be seen in the conversion rate they have observed: 60-70% accuracy of translating websites into mobile versions. This motivated them to open it to public towards the middle of May’12.

It primarily has the following features:

  1. Mobilizes desktop sites for mobile phone interface. This included popular screen-browser combinations like i-phone, blackberry, windows and android.
  2. Produces a text-only version on request (for low-end J2MEE feature phones like WAP sites). Tablet version version will be launched soon.
  3. Langoor doesn't have a proprietary mobile CMS; they convert and optimize the main site for mobile on the go.
  4. Mobile version built is lighter for the owner and more resource-efficient to the user. Consumes lesser battery because of client-side caching.

On the technological front, there are various algorithms at play created using LAMP stack - Linux, Apache, MySQL and Python. Effectively they have built artificial intelligence around identifying patterns in desktop websites that can enable the translation of these websites to the mobile versions.

As of now, they allow registered users to create, edit and publish only one mobile website through his/her Langoor account. They are going to introduce the freedom of having multiple mobile sites through a single account very soon.

They are also looking to introduce a free plan for mobile websites. Keep checking them out here.

- With inputs from Jubin Mehta