Google Glass Project Unveiled In Style At I/O 2012 Conference!


While almost the whole internet world was looking forward to the Google I/O 2012 conference for the new announcements and new product demos coming out of the Google stable - Sergey Brin, Founder and CEO of Google pulled off perhaps the best hardware product demo ever, by unveiling the Google Glass project in style with one of the employee jumping off a plane and showing his real-time experience of sky-diving through a Google+ hangout. It was like Tony Stark sky-diving to Stark Expo to demo the Iron Man suit in the movie, but this was real.

After revealing the Google Glass project officially, Sergey said - "We still do not know what all can be the use cases of Google Glass. We are still figuring out the philosophy behind it. We have the best of the people from across the world here at this conference and we want you guys to help us to figure out different and best use cases and scenarios where Google Glasses might be helpful".

With this Sergey announced the first availability of Google Glasses Explorer Edition to interested developers at I/O conference who can pre-order it for $1,500. But the product will be shipped only by early next year.

Here's the Google Glass demo video which was shot during the preparation to the conference:

Will Google Glass revolutionize wearable gadgets, like iPhone did for smart phones is something we have to wait and watch.



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