Google Play: Quick Stats and Key Takeaways from Google I/O 2012


The future is apps and after Apple with its iTunes and AppStore success, Google doesn't want to be left far behind. Today at Google I/O, Google announced the latest stats and new updates on Google Play -

  • Google Play store has now over 600,000 apps and games
  • 20 billion apps have been downloaded/installed so far
  • Apps sold in 132 countries and free apps downloaded in 190 counties
  • In-app purchases account for more than 50 percent of revenue
  • Smart App updates to download and update only portion of the code-change code instead of the complete app, available on Gingerbread and above
  • App Encryption to deliver apps with a device-specific key for more security, available on Jelly Bean and above
  • Ability to buy movies, TV shows and magazines
  • Google Cloud Messaging - in-app messaging for developers to send user notifications


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