Suit up Guys! Hangrr offers Custom Made Branded Suits Online

With e-commerce being one of the tried and trusted ways forward for many in the start-up ecosystem, custom made suits are the latest to hit the online shopping markets. Hangrr, the world’s premier custom made men’s online suiting brand, brings multi-branded world class suiting from all over the globe. Combining the expertise of Italian craftsmanship, elegant Scottish fabric blends and sophisticated English designs, the sheer amount of options available to customize would blow one away.

With a customer base in over 12 countries, Hangrr is taking giant steps in the way men shop for formal wear. They offer perfectly comfortable e-shopping solutions, right from booking free style consultations, feature of ‘a walk to stardom’, video guided measurement systems and a never ending resource of style tips for men.


Suits is something one would ideally refrain from buying online because of fitting problems but Hangrr suits are covered with a 100% fit guarantee. “We are so confident that nothing would go wrong that we would go ahead and promise you an additional $75 USD as alteration credit,” says Rishabh Khandelwal, who started off with the venture in 2011. To top things off, Hangrr offers free shipping worldwide.

Rishabh, the co-founder, completed his B. Tech in Electrical Engineer, from IIT Kanpur. Before starting with Hangrr he gained extensive experience in augmented reality and image processing. Rishabh has served as Biometric algorithm developer at Geodesic & UIDAI and has also been the Founder & CTO of in the past.

An extension of a 57 year old textile empire which has till date suited up more than 5 million suit lovers, Hangrr has the right mix of web technology, fabrication capacity and business synergies. Hangrr has also provided styling techniques to a thousand plus subscribers free of cost. “Hangrr is not only about e-commerce, it’s a much bigger experience as we connect with each of our customers by offering them their personal choices on customizations,” adds Rishabh.

Our web technology system has algorithms to pick up errors in measurements and the fabrication system allows doing alterations on any suit locally, if at all needed. Hangrr proudly boast about its 100% fit guarantee. And all this made possible right from the comfort of your home.”

The company follows a traditional e-commerce based revenue model also using Amazon’s cloud based services. Having already received external funding, the company seeks further investments to catalyse growth speeds.

About the future plans, Rishabh says, “The aim is to increase the customization tools, introduce augmented reality and harness social media to engage with more customers. We are in the process of launching our own ‘men’s style app’ for mobile devices. We are also looking to engage with academic research in the field of the next level of augmented reality solutions.”

Looks like Hangrr has a collection to impress even the likes of Barney Stinson, a popular character from a sitcom, obsessed with suits. Have a look at what they offer here.


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