Heat2Eat: Home-Cooked Food, Anywhere in India!


Startup ideas can come over dinner with a friend, a coffee with a colleague or as in Pankti’s case, a troubling experience. Pankti Chheda, the Founder of Heat2Eat has a story to share: “I am a devoted foodie. After school, college or sports classes when I got back home, hot snacks were always ready. When I grew up and went abroad to study I knew a bit of cooking but homemade delicious food was tastier than my ‘experiments’. Even though I was a vegetarian, and there were many eateries in the US and UK, I could not eat at any place on a daily basis as most of them were unhealthy options. 'Packed food' was the other name of the major players in the market, whose packets contained a lot of preservatives and no nutrition value. I realized that I would not be able to eat outside food daily and had to eat the 'packed food' for a long time.

Mrs Rita, her mother, didn’t want Pankti to continue eating the unhealthy food. She started sending food items from India, prepared and packed in such a way that it didn’t spoil for about 3-5 months. She tried and tested a couple of food items and sent those to her daughter who was studying in the UK at the time. Upon realizing its potential, the mother-daughter duo evaluated the features of their home-made product:

  • Can be prepared in 2- 8 mins
  • Contains no preservatives and is healthy
  • The packets don’t spoil for 3 -5 months
  • The taste doesn’t change

For people looking for a homemade/ready-to-eat preservative-free quick-fix meal, Heat 2 Eat is the perfect answer. They have on offer vegetarian snacks, dals, gravies, rice dishes and much more. These items are dehydrated and dry packed hygienically in various convenient sizes to ensure the goodness of flavor and taste.

The fresh food promised by Heat2Eat seems ideal for students studying abroad, overseas travelers and young working couples. The dishes get ready in a jiffy by adding hot water and /or heating the packet in a microwave.

In terms of its offerings, Heat2Eat seems to have gone international with a ready to “heat & eat” gourmet cheese sauce in original American, oregano and jalapeno flavors. “Try it with our nachos for a lip smacking combo,” says Pankti.

Order some lip smacking food, here.



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