MirchiMart to Launch Tomorrow! E-commerce to Get a Physical Touch


Launching a new eCommerce site is an everyday affair now; some persist while most falter and languish. MirchiMart is launching tomorrow in an effort to make a mark. Yes, they are going niche and the premise is: Are you finding it difficult to get the best deal while purchasing laptops, desktops, mobiles, tablets, printers & accessories? Let Chilbuli help you. Chilbuli is the Chilly character of MirchiMart, named so, for its inherent nature of providing hot deals.Trying to use a mascot to improve the ‘stick value’, MirchiMart aims to make a technology ecommerce portal where Chilbuli will be the guide and will assist the customers in finding best deals, solving any issues they have, helping them decide what should they buy and why.

The two founding members are successful serial entrepreneurs from two different industries - Sudhir Saluja, CEO, Electronics Retail and Punit Sindhwani, CTO, IT industry respectively. The duo brings all expertise and experience required to make an eCommerce business successful and specially different from other eCommerce players in the market. Sudhir has been in successful retail business of IT commercial and consumer products for over 20 years. The two founding companies (of the CEO and CTO) have annual turn over of Rs 200 crore and are the major supplier to most of the leading eCommerce companies.

Their focus is to give user a rich shopping experience, and not just an online portal with great deals. The points over which MirchiMart team wishes to accentuate upon are:

1. Chilbuli Experience Zones: Physical retails stores / Kiosks with knowledgeable staff and product displays. These kiosks are going to be set up in famous malls of NCR (National Capital Region). Starting with- GIP mall (Noida), Adventure Island (Rohini) and EDM (Ghaziabad).2. An online portal with hand-picked recommendations, advice and other tools.

3. A gadget-freak products team to pick and bring some great Products/Accessories, and great deals for customers.

4. A strong focus on IT and Telecom products only.

Apart from the online portal, MirchiMart is planning to pay special focus on College students. The team has started various activities during the ongoing admission sessions of Delhi University.

The reason for giving life to a character is that, we feel the face to face interaction is the best part of brick n mortar shops, something which has lost in ecommerce. So we have a character to bring this feel back in eCommerce,” says Sudhir when asked by YourStory on the reason behind the introduction of kiosks as the phtsical form of Chilbuli.

They have got exclusive deals from Sony Vaio on latest laptops, tablets and accessories. With 4 of these Sony models not even launched, this certainly looks as a Mirchi deal. They are also working with some more vendors for really exciting deals on latest gadgets and softwares. They challenge their competitors’ prices while mentioning their college deals.

They have also prepared a blog on MirchiMart where they will do product reviews and describe the technological aspects of gadgets. This will eliminate the layman’s need of using Wikipedia while buying products.

MirchiMart is launching with products in 4 categories - Laptops, Desktops, Printers & TFTs. Within a month they will add Mobiles, Tablets, and Accessories for electronic gadgets. Going bullish on their venture, MirchiMart has plans to expand the business out of NCR once they streamline their NCR operations.

Get daily deals with high discounts through their Facebook page.

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