My New Contact: No Headache After Changing Numbers!

Over years, you build up a strong network of friends or business associates. You maintain relationships with them by contacting them intermittently or when something important or urgent crops up. The entire network gets vexed the moment you move from one state to another or change your number due to some inadvertent reason. Now enters My New Contact, a free service offered to individuals to connect with their old contacts by email or phone.

My New Contact is a product of Trusted Technology Solutions, a company founded by B Mohan Kumar, a serial entrepreneur. Trusted Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd was set up primarily to cater to the Telecom operators for providing them with last mile connectivity solutions. These were license free technologies like free space optics. Subsequently, the company diversified and embarked on helping SME to set up operations in India. The company’s experience in helping start-ups build teams and infrastructure enabled it to offer other services like contract staffing.

So how do you use My New Contact?

  1. Register on My New Contact's website with your current contact details and then update your old details.
  2. When someone wants to reach you, they query the portal, by authenticating their true identity and submitting the details that they already have, about you, to retrieve your current details.
  3. This portal helps your friends to reach you, ONLY if they have interacted with you in the past at least once. Hence you need not be wary of updating you details here, as these will not be available to general public.
  4. Under the privacy settings, you even have the option to restrict people, who would have access to your new contact details.
  5. The system would mail, you if someone logs in a request seeking your contact details, at which point to time, you can permit or deny access to your current contact details.

Apart from phone numbers, My New Contact also assists you in sharing your updated email-ids and addresses with your friends & business associates, thus proving to be useful for someone whose account has been hijacked or one who relocates often.

Your account remains fully secure, with My New Contact's assurance of full privacy and security. With the feature of Restricted Access, no stranger can access your data. The person who asks for your details must be known to you, the validation is done in a 2 step process.

Stay in touch with friends, get a “My New Contact” here.