MyndGenie Joins Hands with Ugesh Sarcar to launch the first Wellness Program for creating Healthy Mindsets

MyndGenie Systems, a Mind and Emotional Wellness Company, announced the signing up of Ugesh Sarcar, a famous Indian Street Magician and Mystician, as its Mind Ambassador to launch the first wellness program for creating healthy mindsets.

The wellness program includes MyndCode (a brain pattern profile app), a one day mind conditioning program and individual phone support. MyndGenie’s wellness program is based on neuroscience methods and applies a patent-pending technique called 'Rapid Mynd Conditioning'. This technique, developed by MyndGenie experts, instantly changes feelings such as stress, frustration, anger, anxiety and fear, using principles based on neuroscience.

“There is an increased awareness and interest today about physical fitness. However, the aspect of mind fitness and emotional wellness are often left unaddressed. We are committed to creating healthy mindsets through a unique combination of technology and services,” says V Bharathwaj, Founder & CEO, MyndGenie Systems.

Bharathwaj adds, “Ugesh Sarcar is passionate about matters related to the mind and in using his craft and skills in giving back to society. We will use our expertise in neuroscience and the passion of Ugesh Sarcar to reach out to the people.”

“Partnering with Myndgenie gives me the opportunity to change lives! I am happy to be part of this movement to help people develop a healthy mindset,” says Ugesh.

The company also plans to release several apps and services centered on emotional wellbeing.

About MyndGenie

MyndGenie Systems Pvt. Ltd. was founded in January 2012, in Bangalore, by V Bharathwaj, ex-CMO of 24/7 Customer. It is the first company that provides a unique combination of neuroscience and technology for Mind and Emotional Wellness management. The company has already touched the lives of nearly 500 people in the past 4 months, and envisions reaching out to 10 million people globally.

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