A Startup that Makes you Eat Right!


Set up in a quaint little place on Double Road in Bangalore, Qua Nutrition has made many sit up and listen to what they have to say about diet and well-being. With an eclectic clientele comprising of Sushil Kumar, an Olympics wrestler to cricketer Robin Uthappa to the M.D of Goldmann Sachs, Vaishali Kasture, Qua Nutrition boasts of over 500 customers in less than a year of operations with an average ticket size of INR 13000.It may come as a surprise to many but Bangalore, a city with one of the highest standards of living in India, is also its diabetic capital. “This mainly stems from a disregard for nutrition which has resulted from high stress levels and long work hours” says co-founder, Tapan Kumar Das who is a CA and an IIM-A alumnus and previously VP of Finance at Flipkart. Tapan, along with Ryan Fernando, put in the initial seed of INR 10 lakhs to setup the first center. Ryan, who is also an IIM-A alumnus has a luminous academic record with two masters degrees in Food Biotechnology and Biochemistry. With more than a decade of experience in marketing and development of health entities, Ryan

Qua nutrition currently has a 12 member strong team, including 8 highly qualified dieticians recognized by the Indian Dietetic Association. “The problem with nutrition in India is that we’re brought up with a total negligence towards health. Mothers shower butter and ghee on their kids and it becomes an inseparable part of one’s life,” says Ryan. “We’re set out to change this. There is absolutely nothing happening in this field and the negligence is just growing,” he adds. ‘Qua’ means ‘in capacity of’ and they plan to revolutionize the way people look at food. Qua Nutrition designs plans for every type, from kids nutrition to sports plans to bridal plans for food. The weight loss and weight gain nutrition plans are also ones which see huge demand with each plan customized for the patient after a deep analysis covering factors like culture, past habits, working style and surrounding environment.

Controlling and monitoring food is not given a special ‘diet’ name at qua. “We believe in calling it nutrition,” say Tapan and Ryan in unison. The key features of their nutrition plans include:
  • The nutrition plan has an emphasis on food rather than supplements (Qua has three plans, a one month plan, a 100 day plan and a year long plan out of which the 100 day one is most popular)
  • The analysis for coming up with a plan is an outcome of a proprietary software which was recognized as a BizSpark in April 2011.
  • The nutrition plan is customized for each individual
  • Nutrition plan is an afterthought or a ‘value added service’ in most clinics or health centers; one sees a role reversal at Qua

Tapan takes care of the business part, mainly operations, while Ryan is the customer face and leadsQua's marketing efforts. Qua plans to spread out rapidly, with an aim of having 20 centers in the next 6-9 months. They are seeking funds for the same and hiring to take care of growing customers. Qua has an association with 4 corporates where they provide nutrition guidelines for more than 40,000 employees and also have a Nutrition Clinic at Touche Golf Club.

For more help, they can be reached at 080-32329292 and check out their website here.