Is Formatting and Getting that Perfect Resume Bothering You?


Have you ever faced trouble writing your resume? Did you, while writing your first resume, use bits and pieces of several resumes and only then manage to make one you were somewhat satisfied with? Well, to make sure you don't have the same woes again, Bharani M., a student and designer, started Resumonk.

“Resumonk is a beautifully simple online resume builder that saves you money and time by helping you create a professional and beautiful resume in minutes. Resumonk handles the job of formatting and converting your resume into pdf format, thereby letting you focus on writing quality content,” explains Bharani. Developed completely by himself, Bharani has an impressive track record having worked as a designer, building the likes of Zaakpay and Mobikwik.

Let’s agree on one point, formatting on MS Word can test your patience sometimes. Creating a resume via Resumonk is very intuitive and is in its true sense, child’s play. So, even if you're a technology noob, land on to Resumonk- signup, enter the details and select a template to get a URL for the resume (with an option of downloading a PDF). Being around for a month, Resumonk has been used by more than 1000 people. Bharani has taken the feedback, made a few changes:

1.     Cleaner UI - The ability to minimize/maximize certain fields in the resume form to avoid having to scroll all the way to the bottom

2.     More fields - Fields for Projects, Publications and Volunteering work

3.     Template editor - A drag-and-drop mechanism for re-ordering your resume and also the ability to change your resume's color scheme

4.     Custom URL - One can now change the resume URL to have your name in it instead of a random string (eg: )

Bharani, a designer, developer and a first time ‘start-upper’ currently is studying for a degree in Environmental Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering and has created something very useful with Resumonk. Some of the users have also moved onto the PRO version to enjoy more features and customizations which has led to an opening up of a revenue stream for Bharani. The PRO version includes:

  • Template editor to change the resume's color scheme
  • Access to a lot more templates
  • One-click LinkedIn import
  • Custom URL
  • Complete date-wise and location-wise analytics.

“The signup process is compulsory because I consider a resume to be a sensitive document with a lot of personal details and I believe that users would be much more comfortable entering their personal details after signing up,” says Bharani.

There is no watermark or branding on the resumes generated using Resumonk and it is going to remain so. Currently, Bharani is working on adding a cover letter generator that automatically generates a cover letter by extracting the highlights from the resume. “I also plan to release a widget soon that will help users embed their resume on their website,” he adds, on a concluding note.

You can create your resume here.

[Some very interesting things are happening in this space. Redwood Associates,a company harnessing the power of mathematics and numbers has come up with a product for hiring from 5 years of Data: Check out LookBeyondResumes. Also, a report says that April 2012 in India saw 2.05 million resumes being uploaded online!]


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