Singaporean Teacher’s Effort to Improve Learning via iPads- SquareCrumbs


Adrian Tan used to be a high school teacher and taught Geography and Technology. Having this inclination towards technology, Adrian noticed how schools were buying hardware without investing and training teachers in using software tools to enhance their instruction and learning. “When the iPad launched, many schools jumped in to buy them. However, at that time, there were no apps that could support classroom instruction. This made me want to do something about it.” he says about founding SqaureCrumbs.

SquareCrumbs is a collaborative learning web-app that works on mobile devices such as the iPad co-founded by Adrian and Ruiwen Chua. Using HTML technologies, SquareCrumbs allows teachers and students to communicate real-time. Teacher sees each answer a student post and can "Like" it or give comments!  They can view other students' answers and give comments too.


“There are no definite numbers as to how many students have access to iPads but schools are buying them. The obvious geographies will be those countries with iTunes stores. However, we are also looking at private schools in growing economies.” says Adrian about the market they’re looking at.

They are still finalizing the private beta and hope to get it out end of the year. Watch out for SquareCrumbs.

Quirk bite:

In our testing with geography students, we found out kids were placing their rulers onto the iPad's google maps trying to calculate distance. Someone build an app for that!


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