TechSparks Chennai Roundtable: Product Entrepreneurship’s Finest Glimpse---Don’t miss it!

Creativity is a hallmark of human endeavour. For the sophisticated lives we live, we owe it to innovators who tirelessly worked towards improving the lifestyle through innovative products. Technology transforming our lives is the greatest differentiator of human endeavour in the 21st century. It is technology that gave India an honour of knowledge edge in the world. World-class product companies all over the world have an Indian connection one way or the other. Microsoft teems with Indian technologists, Apple also gets a few things done out of India, and the list could be endless. But what do we lack to do it on our own?

Although Indian technology products have made news, they haven’t been able to tread a global journey unlike the Israeli innovations that made U.S. corporate like Cisco go after them. Our mindset of not thinking global is slowly undergoing a definite change. If the success of TechSparks in three years shows anything, it’s the discovery of product entrepreneurship at its best. We started small but now have become synonymous with product technology innovation platform. As we look at the product technology landscape, it still stuns us by its variety and innovation. So we at YourStory feel that scale is what is needed to take off the budding ventures to the next level. So that’s our theme for this year’s TechSparks.

Chennai Roundtable on 29 June will showcase this crucial ingredient of product entrepreneurial success—lessons from a VC perspective by V.T. Bharadwaj, MD, Sequoia Capital. An investor who has invested in several ventures knows what the ventures have done to succeed, where they have slipped and what lessons do we learn. Such distilled wisdom behoves years of learning and gives an instant lesson on what to chase for success. The keynote will give you exactly that.

The panel discussion will analyse various perspectives of a product venture from several angles---product entrepreneur, investor, corporate linkage in enabling innovation, and aspiration to fund innovative ventures, besides focusing on what is needed to scale a product venture. Finest minds in product ecosystem that we have identified will deliberate upon these points.

It’s one thing just to dish out advice from the podium without actually teaching the essentials of a product venture. This year we have added an exciting element into our roundtables---a product workshop. This will show the essentials of building a product. The legacy of Steve Jobs leaves us with a lasting image of the importance of design in a product. How do we build a product with all the key ingredients will be what you learn from this workshop from an ace product developer.

Saint Thiruvalluvar’s dictum of when there is nothing for the stomach, something will be fed into the ear doesn’t appeal to us. We have also added an impressive menu to entertain your taste buds and fill your stomachs apart from delighting you with lessons in product entrepreneurship. This is one but important meeting you wouldn’t want to miss.

Just join us at IIT-Madras IC & SR auditorium at 2 pm on 29 June. The event is free and only needs a registration.