The Fail Summit - India's First Failure Summit


Failure, they say, is a great teacher, but we seem to be generally averse from learning from it. Successes get reported widely in the Indian startup ecosystem - Funding, product launches, buyouts and more get wide coverage, but failures are somehow swept under the carpet. Failed startups and ideas are discussed in hushed tones, and we generally tip-toe around the topic. But we at YourStory don't think that's the right way to do it.Failures should be celebrated just as much as successes. Winston Churchill apparently once said that "Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm". And how right he was! Embracing failure, understanding the reasons for it and learning (and unlearning) from failures is a part of every entreprunerur's journey. And to celebrate these failures, is going to put together India's first "Failure Summit"

Come, join us, on 29th September 2012 for an event that's going to be very different from everything else. We'll talk about failure, about how to learn and unlearn from failures and how to eventually triumph from failures! And like Napoleon Hill said, "Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure".

Watch this space for more! 


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